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Gov. Steve Beshear on WDRB expansion, jobs, healthcare

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Governor, you were here when we broke ground on the project, what do you think?

Wow. If  had to use one word, it would be wow. It was explained to me at the time of the groundbreaking what you were going to do, but until you really see it, you can't really know exactly how expansive it is. Very impressive.

It's going to put WDRB, I think, in the driver's seat from a facilities standpoint, and I know it's going to help you a lot in the business.

Absolutely, one thing we're encourage about is we added 13 employees for our newscast, we added thre people to work on our website full time, and one thing that you've done in your time in office is you've really tried to create jobs in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. I understand you have a big trip coming up overseas, tell us about that.

Well, first of all, thanks to WDRB for hiring all those additional people. That's exactly what we're doing. We're going over to England, the United Kingdom, on a trade mission. Last year we went to Canada, Canada is our biggest trading partner and we took several business with us, and we connected them up with folks there and we now have contracts to export a lot more of our goods. We're going to be doing the same thing in England, building those relationships. Exports have grown in Kentucky at record pace over the last three years. We've set a record every year since about three years ago. And of course that creates jobs here, too, because it takes more Kentuckians to create those products that we're shipping overseas.

While you're here, I have to ask you about affordable healthcare. The president has deemed Kentucky a model for affordable healthcare. How do you think the state of Kentucky has done thus far? and where do you see us in the future handling the additional people that will now receive medical care?

Of course we're very excited that it's been so successful here, and it's great that we're getting the recognition for being the national model. You know we have right now over 413,000 Kentuckians who have signed up, and about 75 percent of them have never had health insurance before in their lives.

What that's going to mean for us in the long run, it is immense. Because we've got horrible health statistics, and by getting people signed up and letting them have access to affordable health care, they're going to get their kids in, they're going to be healthier, we're going to have a more productive workforce, you know I sort of go on the theory, build it and they will come -- out of the old movie -- providers are going to expand, we're going to have plenty of people to take care of these folks.

And we're also expanding the ability of providers to provide different things, like the nurse practitioners, and physician's assistants, everybody is going to work to the extent of their ability to provide this needed healthcare for all of Kentucky.
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