LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --- We were told Teddy Bridgewater was the best quarterback in this year’s NFL Draft class. We were told he might even be selected with the first overall pick. We were told game tape matters more than pro days. We were told good character also counts. Now we are told Teddy Bridgewater is going to be selected in the 2nd round. This does not compute.

The first round of the draft is Thursday night at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Teddy Bridgewater will attend and sit in the ‘green room’, despite speculation that his stock is tumbling.

That also does not compute.

People are saying Bridgewater might be the Geno Smith of the 2014 draft, after Smith wasn’t picked in the 1st round and sat embarrassingly in the green room all night.

Am I missing something here?

How does a prospect go from being a 1st round lock and potential #1 overall pick to out of the 1st round without playing a single game or throwing in a single live practice?

Some of these analysts are saying they still believe Bridgewater is the best QB available, but that is not the feedback they’re getting from anonymous sources in NFL scouting departments and front offices.

I can’t fathom why teams wouldn’t tell the truth and send smokescreens about players they’re interested in drafting...

The mock drafts are still divided though with a few days to go. So it’s time to put these prognosticators on record, when it comes to the quarterback that has been put under the microscope and dissected more than the frogs from your 9th grade biology class.

Remember these mock drafts Thursday night, when we find if Bridgewater lands in round one. Once and for all, we’ll see who was right and who was wrong:


ESPN’s Mel Kiper - 2nd round

ESPN’s Todd McShay - 2nd round

Kiper’s thoughts: “Let me be clear: This is the top-rated quarterback on my Big Board, a player I have rated higher than Bortles, Manziel or Carr,” Kiper wrote. “But my reading of the tea leaves in speaking with many evaluators around the league is that Bridgewater could drop if he slides past a couple of points early on. If I could project trades, I’d have someone taking him later in Round 1 having moved up. Obviously, he’s a steal at this point.”

This I can understand. We are talking about the same NFL that wasted first round picks on Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder, and dare I say...Tim Tebow. There’s a reason many of these teams are again picking the top half of the 1st round. They get it wrong more often than they get it right. It’s why the Browns are the Browns, and the Raiders are the Raiders, etc.

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock - 2nd round, 42nd ranked prospect(?!)

Mayock said in a conference call last week Bridgewater’s Pro Day confused him and forced him to go back and look at more game tape. He admitted the Pro Day probably made him scrutinize the game tape more than he did originally, recalling a series at USF where Bridgewater took three consecutive sacks (nevermind that Teddy completed 25-29 passes in that game for 3 TDs and 0 INTs in a 34-3 win). Mayock said that about the Pro Day after first saying he cares most about game tape. Now I’m confused.

Fox Sports NFL writer Pete Schrager - 2nd round, 39th overall (Jaguars)

Schrager says Bridgewater will drop all the way to the 7th pick of the 2nd round, behind the Texans taking Pitt QB Tom Savage at 33rd overall and the Raiders taking Fresno State QB Derrick Carr with the 36th pick. He does preface his mock draft by saying he expects teams to trade up into the bottom of the 1st round Thursday to grab quarterbacks.

Bleacher Report NFL Draft lead writer Matt Miller - 1st round, 3rd pick (Jaguars)

His thoughts: “The NFL may not value Bridgewater as highly as I do—he's tied for my top overall player—but this is a mock draft of what should happen, and the Jaguars should draft Bridgewater.”

SB Nation NFL Editor Ryan Van Bibber - 1st round, 26th overall (Browns)

“I've never seen anything like Mike Mayock's one-man vendetta against Bridgewater,” Bibber writes. “The venerable draft guru has twisted himself into a salty pretzel of irreconciliation over game tape and pro days and gloves and what exactly is the face of a franchise. Whatever. It's Cleveland's gain in this scenario.”

Bibber and Mayock in the octagon...better TV than day 3 of the NFL Draft.

CBSSports.com writers - 3 out of 4 2nd round; 1 out of 4 1st round, 26th overall

Pat Kirwan agrees with Bibber’s take that the Browns pick Bridgewater with their second 1st round pick (from the Colts in the Trent Richardson trade). Dan Brugler, Pete Prisco, and Will Brinson are in the Kiper/McShay camp.

ProFootballTalk.com’s Editor Mike Florio - 1st round, 11th overall (Titans)

Florio in his April post-free agency mock draft had Bridgewater as the 4th quarterback off the board but still going 11th overall. I don’t get Derrick Carr going ahead of Bridgewater, but again, we’re talking about the same league that selected Locker, Gabbert, and Ponder ahead of Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick.


My prediction: Bridgewater doesn’t fall past the Titans at #11 in the first round, with the Vikings at #8 a more likely landing spot.

Minnesota took a long hard look at Bridgewater in private meetings and workouts, and I believe teams are more likely to lie than tell the truth when it comes to the NFL Draft (even if it's off-the-record).

If Bridgewater does in fact fall to the 2nd round, then so be it. But in that scenario, I predict in a couple years we’re all laughing hysterically at the perennial bottom dwellers that passed on him.

As for Tom Savage…(sigh).