LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- More people are coming forward, claiming they paid thousands of dollars for Derby tickets that they never received.

Police aren't saying how many victims have come forward, but the Louisville chapter of the Better Business Bureau has received a steady stream of complaints since
WDRB first reported on the alleged scam

The first week in May always brings in more people than the city of Louisville can accommodate, which is where someone like Stephanie Jones comes in.

"We kind of got sick of going to Derby, and thought we'd make a little extra money off of it," she said.

For the last three years, the licensed real estate agent has turned her home into a weekend rental, and helped friends do the same.

"It's always been worth it," she said."Until this year."

As part of the rental package, Jones includes Derby tickets. She usually secures them through Churchill Downs during presale events. But this year, she couldn't buy enough to accommodate all twelve of her guests. So, she turned to the Internet for help.

"I went to Google and typed in 'Kentucky Derby Tickets'," she said. "The first result was Stub Hub and the second was

Jones purchased nearly $5,442 in tickets, but says she never received a thing from the New Albany based company.

"They just kind of gave me the run-around the first day but said call back Monday," she said. "By Wednesday I had called probably half a dozen times."

Jones never received her six tickets from Derby Deals, and she isn't alone.WDRB has heard from numerous alleged victims -- many even posting to Derby Deals Facebook page in the last few days with similar stories.

We called the woman Jones says continued to give her the runaround -- a woman named Anastasia Austen -- whose LinkedIn account claims she is the Brand Development Manager for the company. As of Monday, her voicemail message said she would be "perpetually busy until May 4" and the mailbox was full.

The owner of the company, Scott Davis, also didn't respond to WDRB's request for comment. And an office building with the company's name on it was locked up Monday.

New Albany Police say they are investigating, but still won't say how many reports have been filed, or if any suspects have been arrested.

As for Jones, she says next year, she may leave the ticket buying up to her clients, and just stick to renting.

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