CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Applications are still being accepted for a new high school in Clarksville with a different approach to learning.

Construction of the Clarksville Renaissance Academy is on schedule.

The building that will house the new school used to be the old Value City department store on Eastern Boulevard.

The new school will be one without the traditional classrooms.

When construction is finished it will look more like a modern office setting with students working together on projects and solving problems.

"It's not your traditional classroom setting," says the principal of the school, Dr. Brian Allred. "We are going to have what is called integrated studios, where we have students working together."

The non-traditional curriculum is based on what is called the new tech network educational model.

It began in California about a decade ago after businesses in Napa began complaining that students there were not prepared for the real world.

"We have a successful high school now," says the superintendent of the Clarksville School Corporation, Kim Knott. "We believe new tech will offer another opportunity for our students and for our businesses."

The town of Clarksville donated the old building to the school corporation which is spending about four and a half million dollars transforming it into a new kind of school in the hopes of raising test scores."

Anyone can apply, struggling students as well as gifted ones.

Adds Knott, "We believe as we look to the 21st century, the skills that businesses need are those skills that build on collaboration, teamwork, ingenuity, creativity, and problem solving."

The innovative school is designed to get more students prepared for college or have them better trained for jobs right out of high school.

One-hundred members of the first freshman class will arrive July 30 when the new school year begins.

A new class will be added every year with the goal that someday the school will run from grades seven through twelve.

For information on how to apply to the school just go to its website at

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