FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) – Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway made it official today: he’s running for governor.

Conway first made the announcement Tuesday morning in a YouTube video, then followed up with reporters a short time later at the Kentucky History Center.

"We believe in Kentucky and our people," Conway said. "We believe we have a future of opportunity. For that reason, I’m announcing today that, along with Sannie Overly as my running mate, I’m a candidate for governor of Kentucky."

Conway is the first Democrat to enter the race. He’s in his second term as attorney general, and has had an up-and-down career in politics. Conway lost a race for Congress in 2002 against Anne Northup, and a U.S. Senate bid in 2010 against Rand Paul. In that campaign, Conway ran the infamous "Aqua Buddha" commercial, in which he questioned Paul’s Christianity.

"I think what I did when that Senate race ended and I picked myself back up and ran for attorney general – and in my estimation – and I hope in the estimation of others – have had a successful second term," Conway said.

Conway most recently made news after he tearfully declined to defend Kentucky’s marriage amendment after a federal judge threw out part of the ban on same-sex marriage. Conway does not believe that will hurt his campaign.

"They’re gonna be concerned about what plan do you have to build Kentucky’s future to make life better for them, and I just do not think that will be the issue of the day in Nov. 2015," he said.

Conway has chosen Rep. Sannie Overly of Paris, Ky. as his running mate. She is the House democratic caucus chair and the first woman to serve in the House leadership.

"I am pleased to join with him as we move to build a brighter future for every citizen of the Commonwealth," Overly said.

Conway says jobs, education and infrastructure are his top priorities.

"I will continue the effort to try to make certain that the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky have the opportunity to vote on casino gaming," Conway said.

Conway is the second announced candidate. Republican Hal Heiner entered the race back in March.

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