LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- In the Highlands, a local tattoo shop is making a name for itself, first with U of L Basketball Coach Rick Pitino, now with fast food.

"I've done a tattoo of a watermelon drinking a beer, tattoos of RoboCop, lots of Star Wars tattoos," said Adam Potts, owner of Tattoo Salvation on Bardstown Road.

Creating pieces of art on skin, Potts made headlines when he inked a National Championship tattoo on Pitino in 2013. That picture is up in his business.

Now, he's making headlines because of a new KFC commercial.

"I don't think there is anybody else out there that has a Double Down tattoo. Chicken on chicken without bread, who wouldn't want that?" said Trevor Cole Brock of Louisville, who is now sporting a KFC Double Down Sandwich tattoo on his leg.


"It's a tattoo that people would always ask about, and it's funny," Potts said in the commercial. "I think being here in Kentucky, I've probably done more tattoos with the Colonel's face than anyone else's face."

"Well you don't get a tattoo if it doesn't mean something."


Brock says he did it to get a laugh out of his friends and decided on a whim to get "branded."

"I heard about the contest that KFC was having that there were a couple of people who were scared to get a Double Down tattoo, so of course I stepped right up," he said.

Potts went through a few different designs before coming up with the tattoo, but he says all the attention is good for his two-year-old business.

"Doing Coach Pitino's tattoo certainly didn't hurt business, also slowly building a reputation with my clients and word of mouth and things like that. So far, it's gone better than expected."


Potts showed WDRB his other unique designs like a rooster riding a bike, a skull eggs with bacon and even a White Castle slider monster.

And Brock says he's not done with the ink.

"If Taco Bell is willing to pay for it, I'll get a waffle taco tattoo."

If you want your own Double Down tattoo, it'll cost $250.

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