HENRY CO., Ky. (WDRB) -- Dogs punched in the face, tied up and tortured, then beaten to death with sticks. A Henry County man is behind bars, accused of torturing his own pets.

Animal control officers say 25-year-old Brandon Grant beat and tortured at least five animals and only two of them survived.

"And it was like he was a different person, he just seemed completely different from the person I knew," said Kirstie Brown, Grant's ex-girlfriend.

Brown says she witnessed him beat and torture their dogs with her own eyes.

"The first time I came outside and he was punching him in the yard and later on that evening he had zip tied the dogs mouth shut."

Brown says it happened late last year at their home in Henry County, usually while she was at work.

"The neighbor said that they witnessed, while I was at work, that he was picking her up and slamming her down repeatedly on the concrete."

Brown says she avoided telling anyone for months, mainly out of fear.

"He told me if I ever said anything he would kill me."

But by then, she'd had enough.

"I finally told my mom that I was being abused, at the end, and that's when I went and got an EPO put out on Brandon," Brown explained.

Brown also used her cell phone to record some of the abuse.

"Out of fear because I told him to stop hurting the dog, he doesn't know that I had taken the video."

"It's pretty graphic," said Henry County Animal Control Officer Suzanne Schulte.

We can't show you the cell phone video because it's part of the case, but Schulte says it's disturbing.

"It shows him with the puppy between his knees, holding him, he puts a zip tie around the puppy's mouth," Schulte said. 

The two surviving Chihuahuas are London and Paris, and although they seem playful, they're likely scarred for life.

Brown says Grant gave graphic details of how it happen.

"He told me that he threw Paris to the metal cage and that's what caused the damage to her eye and caused her to lose teeth. And to London, he was scuffed on his eye and his nose," explained Brown.

Brown says the abuse happened between August and October 2013, but Grant was just arrested on Monday.

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