LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Nearly 240 people will soon be without a job in Hardin County, Ky.

The sign at Nielsen says "jobs available," but now the media statistics company says it's shutting down its call center on July 31, taking 237 jobs.

Nielsen officials say it's part of a reorganization effort, and the closure is expected to be permanent.

"This was probably one of our largest part-time employers here in our community," said Radcliff Mayor J.J. Duvall.

"Most of them are just above hourly," he added. "Some of them are making upwards of $10 or more, but most are part-time. Eighty percent of that was part-time with 46 full-time employees that were still hourly."


Duvall recently received a letter from the company about the closure.

"It's my understanding with discussions with them in the last day or so, it was a corporate decision made in the highest levels of Nielsen, and our center is not the only center that is affected," he said. "There are several centers across the country that Nielsen purchased that will probably be affected in some way."


A gym next to the call center is just one of the businesses worried about the closure.

"They've always offered a lot of employment to our local people," said Aaron Smith, the Anytime Fitness Club manager. "A lot of high school kids work here. I'm hoping it doesn't affect the community too much, but unfortunately when things like this happen, it ends up doing just that."


The Mexican restaurant nearby is planning to do more advertising hoping to get more customers to make up for the loss.

 "We have quite a few people, regulars from there. They help us a lot," said Emeterio Reyes, the Adobes Mexican Restaurant owner.


The Mayor says he's in contact with other call centers, hoping they will locate in this community, so Nielsen doesn't become just an empty building.

"It's just a consolidation and at the corporate level, this is one that we couldn't change," he said.

Nielsen released this statement.

"As part of the integration of Nielsen Audio, Nielsen has implemented changes across the company to enhance growth and to align our resources to meet and exceed client needs. These changes will improve productivity and innovation for the benefit of our clients and our organization."

The call center has been around for more than 15 years.

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