LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---The way you get rid of yard waste is changing

This includes branches, grass clippings, shrubs, Christmas trees and leaves.

People have used plastic garbage bags for years to dispose of the waste, until now.

“The biggest reason is because it makes no sense to pick up yard waste and not be able to reuse it,” said Pete Flood.

On Thursday, Pete Flood, who works with the Solid Waste Management District, spoke to a Metro Council committee about the decision that the Waste Management board made on Tuesday.

He says about 80,000 Jefferson county residents participated in the curbside collection of yard waste last year.

“They produced last year just over 32,000 tons of yard waste, and again, almost all of that curbside was contaminated,” Flood said.

Waste management officials are hoping everyone will get on board and get rid of the plastic bags, and switch over to other options like reusable containers, using your mulch clippings for compost, taking yard waste to season drop-off centers or using paper bag or compostable bags.

Council member Tina Ward-Pugh is one of the council members who has shown support, saying Louisville needs to catch up to other cities doing this, like Lexington.

“They've already done this and gone to this and by golly, they haven't rolled up their carpets and shut down for business,” said the District 9 Council member.

Others, like council member James Peden, don't agree with the way the new ban was passed.

Waste Management officials presented the idea to council members four years ago and it didn't pass.

Now, they've taken matters into their own hands.

“So I really take issue that they went to a non-elected board and created such a sweeping rule that's going to affect so many people,” said Peden, of District 23.

As for when the ban takes effect, that's should be decided later this month.

Waste Management officials will soon start an education campaign to let everyone know about the change.

They say there will also be fines if someone doesn't comply, once the new restriction is in place.

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