SCOTTSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) – A man from Scottsburg, Indiana says he will never use the website Craigslist again after what happened to him last Saturday.

It all started in August 2013 when Kyle West, 21, posted his 2007 Dodge Charger for sale on the website. On Thursday, May 1, a buyer contacted him to come check out the car.

"He asked if we could change it to Saturday, so his mom could be there," said West, talking about the interested buyer Marcus Forbes. Forbes showed up to West’s house on Saturday with his brother.

"They looked around the car, said they liked the car and they were waiting for their mom to get here to approve of it." Then, West said the buyer started making excuses: "He said that their mom had got off at Memphis instead of Scottsburg."

After waiting a couple hours, the two went for a test drive. Forbes said he wanted Burger King, so he backed the car into a parking spot.

"I stayed in the car,” said West, “he made it to the front door and said he has lost his wallet. About that time I had a weird gut feeling and I was ready to go back to the house."

West told the man to drive him home, but instead the driver got onto Interstate 65 and headed south. He wouldn’t stop or pull over, so West pulled out his gun.

"He looked at me just cold blooded said, ‘I'm not stopping.’ I pulled out my phone and called the police and he’s like, ‘I won't stop for them either’".

With one hand on the phone and the other on his weapon, West thought he was going to have to kill Forbes. "I had made my mind up that before we got to the rest stop, that I was going to have to shoot him or they were going to kill me first."

Authorities say Forbes finally pulled over and deputies arrested him.

"First questions he asked was, could he be put in a jail cell by himself; second one was could he have a TV; and the third was could he have a two-piece jump suit," West said.

West says the entire time his family was the only thing on his mind.

 “I just knew that I was coming back home to my little baby that's newborn".

Forbes pleaded not guilty to charges including theft and attempt to commit robbery. His trial is set for later this fall.

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