LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A man is getting ready for a journey of a lifetime.He's running across the state of Kentucky, for a cause close to his heart.

"I'm a teacher and you need to teach and sometimes you need to teach by example," said Kevin Gose, a Bullitt Center High School teacher.

Gose puts his best foot forward, to teach a lesson people will never forget.

"They're surprised by it but they also know I'm kinda crazy anyway," said Gose.

The 42-year old is running across Kentucky, raising money to fight diabetes.

Gose said, "It's in my family and every time I turn around it's affecting someone else."

Three years ago the doctor told Gose you're next. He started running again and lost 60 pounds.

"It's something I felt like needed to be done and I'm at a point in my life where I can do it and I can honor my family and friends by doing it," said Gose.

Gose starts his race at the port of Ashland on June 25th, zig-zagging across the state. He's stopping in Morehead, Louisville, Calhoun and finally ending in Hickman.

Gose said, "It ends up being about 500 miles give or take a little bit."

He plans to run about eight hours a day, or 40 miles. He has been preparing for this journey for months.

"As silly as it sounds you just get up and run.  With this distance I have to find a pace that my body can recover from more than try to win the race," said Gose.

Gose doesn't want to win this race, but he's fighting to beat the odds against diabetes.

If you are interested in donating to the cause, visit http://www.runacrossky.org

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