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Top 10 Reasons to Send Snow Fox to Space

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Come what may, the WDRB Snow Fox is headed to NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, bearing a letter with a passionate request: Send Snow Fox to space.

(It is tradition among Soyuz crews headed for the International Space Station that a single stuffed animal be brought along for the flight. We feel that passenger should be Snow Fox.)

With that in mind, we would like to present you with the Top 10 reasons to send Snow Fox to space, as submitted to NASA.


10) You don't see Mickey Mouse applying, do you?

9) Because he could have saved both Sandra Bullock AND George Clooney. He's that good.

8) Because good things come in small packages.

7) Just do it for the children.

6) Because he has a soft and fluffy heart.

5) Because he won't throw up -- and you've got to admit: in zero gravity, that's a BIG DEAL.

4) Because he only eats toothpaste. You won't have to share you food with -- WHAT? You say your food IS toothpaste?

3) Because he just bought the Rosetta Stone Russian language series and it's too late to return it.

2) Because you can't trust androids, space robots or genius teenagers (we're looking at YOU, Wesley Crusher), but Snow Foxes have integrity.

1) Because he's the best of us.

Tell @NASA to #SendSnowFoxtoSpace!

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