LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It is the latest gallery to open in the ever-growing NuLu neighborhood of E. Market Street.

Mo McKnight Howe opened her small business just a few weeks before Derby -- but it is not her first such gallery.

On Tuesday morning she arrived as usual just before 11 a.m. with her faithful yellow lab -- named Major -- beside her. But as soon as she opened the door to the shop, she found an unpleasant surprise.

No electricity.

It's all part of owning your own business, and some of the headaches that come with that.

"There is always something," said Howe. "You never really sleep well at night."

But she has no real complaints because she is doing something she loves. She has been interested in art as as long as she can remember, having graduated from the University of Louisville as an art major.

Shortly after graduation she opened a small art gallery on Barret Avenue just next door to the highly popular Lynn's Paradise Cafe. Business was good at that location for Howe, until Lynn's abruptly closed in Jan. 2013.

"When Lynn's closed, we saw a significant drop in foot traffic," said Howe.

So she was faced with a tough decision: either find a new location for her gallery or find a new career.

With help from her husband, Scott, who is a commercial real estate agent, she found an empty storefront in NuLu and began making plans to move.

"If you own an art gallery, you want to be on Market Street," she said. "It's kind of been a dream of mine for a long time."

That dream came true when she opened her new location just before Derby. It proved to be good timing.

"Just tons of people came in for Derby," said Howe. "It was one of the best weeks Revelry ever had in the four years we've been in business."

It's not a bad beginning for a small business that won't have its grand opening celebration until this Saturday evening.

With a hotel planned just across the street from her gallery, the future looks bright for Howe -- if only she could find time for a day off.

"I haven't had a real day off since well before the Christmas season," she said.

So for now, at least you will find Mo McKnight Howe and her faithful yellow lab at the Revelry Gallery, one of a number of unique shops in NuLu.

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