LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A male student who identifies as a female will continue to be allowed to use a girls' restroom at Atherton High School.

Atherton's site-based decision making council on Thursday decided "by consensus" to add a non-discrimination policy that includes "gender identity" to procedures for use of space at the school. The policy and how to carry it out likely will be reviewed further by the council.

It's a topic that attracted a rare crowd and first-time speakers to the council meeting. A sampling from parents, students and community members who spoke:

"Just because someone has a male body does not mean that they are a male... they perfectly well could be a female," one person said.

"We all don't get to have everything that we want all the time for individual rights," said another.

Others suggested the school provide transgender students a unisex restroom.

One by one, more than a dozen people shared their views. Principal Thomas Aberli solicited opinions after he sent parents a letter on the issue Tuesday. However, Aberli, under SBDM and JCPS rules, has the final say. Council members agreed.

"Ultimately it's my responsibility to decide what discrimination is," Aberli said. "Transgender students will be allowed to continue to use the facilities of their gender identity."

Some students and parents want the school board to examine the issue. At least one religious leader complained to the full board Monday.

JCPS has said that "gender identity" is not a part of its district-wide non-discrimination policies.

Although no other Jefferson County School has a policy like this, Manual High School does allow transgender students to use private restrooms.

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