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Milton-Madison Bridge brings back business to local stores

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MADISON, Ind. (WDRB) -- Businesses in Milton and Madison suffered while the bridge was closed but locals say it reopened just in time to make back the money they've lost.Take a stroll down Main Street in the city of Madison and you'll pass dozens of shops and restaurants.

Those businesses were struggling up until mid-April.

That's when the Milton-Madison Bridge reopened.

"When it was closed, it was ghastly with the extended closure," said Nathan Montoya, owner of Village Lights Bookstore.

The bridge was closed for work in early March but then remained closed after a steel bearing dislodged, leaving business owners like Nathan Mantoya fighting to stay open.

"The minute it opened up, there was a huge influx of people into town. It was like they'd been bottled up on the other side of the bridge and just came pouring across the bridge. It was fantastic," Montoya told WDRB.

Montoya says it will take a while to make back their losses.

"We're no longer on life support I guess you could say. We're doing alright. We're back to normal," he added.

Back to normal just in time for the fair weathered months, which bring events like the River Roots Music and Folk Art Festival.

With the bridge open, Kentucky residents once again have a convenient route into Madison.

"A lot more people coming. Our town is beginning to fill up again with people. We're just really happy the bridge is open and I think we're going to do a lot better," said Wanda Gross, owner of Wanda's Gifts.

Gross told WDRB in April she was dipping into her retirement just to keep her shop's doors open.

"If it'd been any longer, yes we'd definitely been in trouble. And I think a lot of people would because it was getting really bad," said Gross.

She said she relies on the bridge for business.

"People are shopping and sales have gone way up and yes it's a big difference. You can really see the difference. Very slowly we're making it up and everything and I don't think it will take very long now to be back where we were," said Gross.

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