LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - It's a first for Northeast Christian Church in Louisville. All services this weekend were canceled so the congregation could hit the streets for a day of service.

The church, canceled all three services at their Brownsboro location, and the one in Clifton.

"We talk about showing love and we just wanted to be a good neighbor," said Marketing and Communications Director Jenna Burns. "We just wanted to mobilize our people and go out and love on the community."

That neighborhood was Clifton in the 40206 zip code. Instead of sitting in the sanctuary, about 1,800 people, ages five and up, were out serving and volunteering."

So we brought them to our main campus in Brownsboro, put them on buses, shuttled them down and put them to work," said Burns.

That work included cleaning up planting areas, landscape work, priming and painting, and making parks more attractive.Burns said it was a community-wide outreach. "We even went through and talked to business owners on Frankfurt Avenue and said 'what can we do for you', basically whatever we could do to lend a helping hand.”

The group walked around the 40206 in their red t-shirts, giving away free food and free car washes.

Just a few simple things that can make a big difference, even to businesses."In fact,” said Burns, “a lot of them said 'oh, not us, we don't deserve this there's more deserving people.’ We said ‘no, everybody deserves the help’".

While the church pews might’ve been empty on Sunday, the streets were full of love and open arms. Not for recognition or church pride, but because as the Bible says, ‘faith without works is dead’."

Lots of people said, 'well do you have to do this? Is this something you're required to do?'” said Burns. “So it was a great opportunity for us to just show love. We believe that Jesus loves everybody and this was just an opportunity for us to reach out and just selflessly give."

The church also held a bike donation a couple of weeks ago and collected more than 200. All of them, were given away free on Sunday to kids at local parks.

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