LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- There has been a shakeup in the New Albany Police Department, according to New Albany Mayor Jeff Gahan.

Gahan told WDRB's Chris Turner Tuesday afternoon that both Police Chief Sherri Knight and Assistant Chief Greg Pennell have resigned their positions, requesting reassignment within the department.

Mayor Gahan tells WDRB News that shift captains will be in charge of the police department until he can appoint a new police chief. He said he hopes to appoint a police chief "soon," but would not specify a time, and also would not say if he had a candidate in mind, either from within or outside the police department.

Gahan said Knight and Pennell asked for their reassignment Tuesday, but he did not answer directly if he had asked them for those requests. Gahan would say only that the two requested their reassignments Tuesday. Gahan said an ongoing grand jury investigation of internal police department issues and other personnel claims presented to the police merit board are "separate issues" from the reassignments today.

Knight confirmed her transfer request in an email sent to WDRB News.

In a letter to New Albany Mayor Jeff Gahan, Chief Knight stated that "it would be in the best interests of her family and herself to transition out of her position as Chief and resume responsibilities within the Detective division."


Knight has served with New Albany's Police Department for more than 15 years. Knight became the department's first female police chief in 2011.

Knight did not offer a reason for her request for reassignment.

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