LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two weeks ago, 21 poodles covered in feces and maggots were rescued from a home so disgusting that police had to wear protective gear to even go inside. Now, the surviving 19 dogs are almost unrecognizable thanks to the organization that saved them.

The pictures are cringe-worthy. The poodles were found abandoned in a house of horrors with conditions so awful, a local vet called it the worst case of animal abuse he'd ever seen.

“She had one of the worst cases of matting and maggot infestation in the skin," said Dr. Bill McDonald.

The owner of the house, Laura King, faced a judge this week on charges of animal abuse and neglect.

But after a trip to the groomers and some much needed attention, these pups have made quite the transformation -- affectionate, playful and seemingly at peace.

Two of the standard poodles died shortly after the rescue. Three dogs are still being treated at local animal hospitals. The rest are at the Orange County Humane Society.

“Spending a little time with them goes a long way,” said Orange County Humane Society Director Deanna Kendall.

They now spend hours playing in this yard. All have been given names: Ivy Sophie and Ruby.

Since WDRB’s first report, the shelter has received an outpouring of donations, but it still needs more. The other dogs have been moved to various shelters so the poodles can stay together.

“We're always in need because we're very much under funded here,” said Kendall.

The poodles will be there for the foreseeable future because several things need to happen before they can be adopted.

There's King's pending court case, so the shelter has to wait for a judge's ruling.

Also, all of the dogs need to be spayed or neutered and given vaccinations. But when they do go, it’s the staff here who might have the hardest time.

“It already is, I think, we've got to make this decision one of these days even these girls has become a mom to one of these dogs,” said Kendall.

Two weeks, lots of love -- a second chance.

The Orange County Humane Society is accepting donations to offset the cost of caring for the poodles.

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