LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Major Mark Fox in LMPD's 5th Division says he's seen a post about a carjacking scheme circulating the internet and as far as he knows, it's a hoax.

"Stuff like that goes around on the internet and people get access to it and they think it happened around here and it didn't. I know of no instances in this area where anything like that has ever occurred and best I can tell, it's a hoax," said Fox.

The post says "Warning from Police" in bold and someone even wrote "Not a Joke" at the top.

It goes on to tell a story about a "new" carjacking scheme where the victim gets in the car and starts to back up when they notice a piece of paper on their back windshield.

They say criminals are planting it there so you get out of your car to look at the piece of paper with your door open and your keys still in the ignition.

"Anything could happen, but I've heard stories that these things are done as a gang initiation, people are being robbed to initiate into a gang. I've heard it's to get your credit cards to get all sorts of scams and I just know of no where where it's happened in Louisville metro," said Fox.

Major Fox says while he's heard nothing of the sort, it's an important reminder to always be aware of your surroundings.

"Watch where you are. Watch the positions you put yourself in," he told WDRB.

He says in the Highlands, crime is down 17 percent right now and car break-ins are even lower.

"Our car break-ins are down pretty significantly," he said.

He said when they do have cars stolen or broken into, it's not usually done violently.

"We're having cars left unlocked and that's always an issue," he said.

As far as this post goes, we found it on urban legends which says it's been circulating the internet since 2004 but still no reports of it actually happening.

"Some of this stuff can really take on a life of its own if it's given its day in the sun. Nine times out of ten, a simple call to us will answer your question," said Fox.

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