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Southern Indiana woman accused of hiring boyfriend to kill husband

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HARRISON COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) -- A southern Indiana man found out his wife of 20 years was cheating on him, but that's not the worst part. Now she's accused of trying to have him killed, and hiring her boyfriend to do the job. 

Police say it happened in Harrison County, and investigators got involved after a burglary suspect told them there was more to the story.

"We filed a divorce petition this morning in Floyd County," says Larry Wilder, Lee Barger's attorney.

The wife and mother of three is charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Harrison County prosecutors say that's because she wanted out of the 20-year marriage.

"In the state of Indiana, there's a traditional way to get a divorce and we started that this morning, so if you don't want to be married to somebody you don't have to hire somebody to try to kill 'em; for $186 in legal fees, you can get a divorce," Wilder said. "He came to the courthouse when she was arrested and was told that she was being charged with conspiracy to commit murder and he asked, 'who?'"

Wilder says his client had no clue his marriage and life were in jeopardy. 

"And he (Barger) was shocked when the officer said, 'well, she was trying to get someone to kill you.'"

Prosecutors say Barger tried to hire her boyfriend, Matthew Pavlisin, to commit the crime. 

"They had reached an agreement whereby he would burglarize a home to obtain a firearm," said Otto Schalk, Harrison County Prosecutor.

But Pavlisin got caught and went to jail. 

"After he was in jail for a week or two, he reached out to the police department and said, 'well, there's more to this burglary than what meets the eye,'" Schalk explained.

So police recruited Pavlisin to turn the tables on his girlfriend.  "At that point, he agreed to wear a wire; they had three -- three occasions -- where they met," said Schalk.

And during those meetings, Schalk says they heard enough to make an arrest. 

"Their final plan was that on Memorial Day they were going to -- she was going to --  leave a window open at the house, basically they were going to stage a burglary, she would have the family out and he would then kill her husband," Schalk said.

Despite the allegations, Melissa Barger cried openly in court Thursday morning. 

"I think that was just her effort to demonstrate some remorse in front of this judge who she wants to get a bond reduction," said Wilder.

Barger even expressed her love for her husband in court. 

"She may love her husband, but she loved him to death because that's what she wanted to do -- have him killed," Wilder said.

Right now, Melissa Barger is being held on a $50,000 cash only bond.

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