LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---Bourbon may be king in Kentucky, but there's a local push to make moonshine the next big distillery in Louisville.

Along Baxter Avenue, you can't miss the blue building and sign that says "Flip Flop Jack's".

The former bar shut down last year, and inside it's undergoing a major transformation.

“I feel like once it's done it's going to be a tourist attraction just like many of the other museums and distilleries that are in this area,” said Jay Blevins, Director of Operations with Derby City Shine.

After all the beach decorations are out, work will begin to make Derby City Shine a reality.

The moonshine distillery and museum has been in the works for years, and those behind the idea recently found this place on Baxter Avenue to call home for their high-proof distilled spirits.

“The dream is to educate people about moonshine and dispel the myths by letting them learn how it was made in history- how it impacted the Kentucky area- how it impacted the United States,” said Blevins.

Inside, people will be able to learn about moonshine and even take part in sampling the product.

“We have a lot of different flavors. We're doing 14 flavors. Maybe more,” said Harrison Hyden, the Master Distiller for Derby City Shine.

There will be an overlook area to watch the moonshine being made, a VIP loft area, and a retail store. There will also be tours for the public, a kid-friend museum, and the space can be rented for private tours.

“I think it will do really well. We have some really exciting exhibits and stuff that we're going to do for the museum. We want it to be really interactive,” said Alexa Buccieri, the Museum manager and event coordinator.

With help from other local groups to make this dream a reality, they're hoping the project will be a success.

“I think it's going to be a good attraction to bring people here,” said Buccieri.

“There's a huge variety of people that want more than just bourbon. Bourbon's just the top of the iceburg. There's so much more to explore and enjoy,” said Hyden.

The hope is, that in Bourbon country, this will be a new option for people to turn to when looking for local fun.

“It is needed in this area and it's needed in the state. I think it's needed in the country. It's a fun distillery tour,” said Jay Blevins.

To learn more about the project, click here.

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