LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Tuesday marks three years since 20-year-old Lauren Spierer went missing from Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind.

Police say Spierer disappeared after a night of partying. The friends she was with that night tell police the last they saw her was around 4:30 a.m. when she decided to walk home.

Initially, police questioned about a dozen suspects but came up empty handed. While f
riends, family, and complete strangers searched miles of thick forest in the dead heat of summer.

Three years later, the many posters that once plastered Bloomington's main square are gone, and Spierer's classmates have graduated. Yet many on campus say Lauren is still constant in their thoughts.

"People definitely haven't forgotten," said Alexis Ray of Bloomington. "You don't see the signs up anymore but it's in the back of everyone's mind."

Ray said despite the fact that three years have gone by, campus is still fresh with Lauren's memory.

"There are still a lot of people that are hurt and touched by it," she said. "The beginning of every semester everyone is reminded and upset about it."

A day ahead of the three year anniversary of Lauren's disappearance, Lauren's mother Charlene Spierer spoke with the media from her home in New York.

"It's been very difficult to think about Lauren and who she is to us, who she was to us. We are so focused on June 2nd and June 3rd. You almost don't want to remember the good things because it is paralyzing."

Even with no arrests, and no sign of Lauren, Bloomington Police say they continue to receive tips-- in this third year alone, they've received 282, with the most recent one coming in this past Thursday.

Her mother says they take every tip seriously.

"I absolutely send every single piece of information that I get to police. For me, I don't know if it's that missing piece," she said.

A private investigator hired by the Spierer family says just last week, a tip led them to search a wooded area outside Bloomington. Nothing was found.

"I truly appreciate all the support that has come from Indiana," she said. "We are just doing what we have to do. We are just doing what we have to do."

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Bloomington Police Department at (812) 339-4477

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