LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Terry Zwicker says a Bullitt County attorney wants to profit from his pain. He's referencing a new book that recounts the savage beating of his 14 year old son and the trials of Josh young and Josh Gouker.

The description for Accused reads like a sensational television movie: “a true crime story on Trey Zwicker's heartbreaking death and the quest for justice.”

But the Bullitt County Lawyer who penned it says it's more of a microscope on how a 14-year-old boy died. 

The author spoke to WDRB in response to Zwicker's anger, telling us why she wrote the book. Attorney and author Brittany Ducker says you can't judge a book by its cover.

“To think that I have caused this man even a drop more pain than what he's gone through is absolutely devastating and debilitating to me,” Ducker said.

“This book focuses on the sociopath that Josh Gouker is,” Ducker says, “and how all of these agencies that are in place to protect us as the public and our children from a man like that all of those agencies failed.”  

Ducker interviews both Josh Gouker and Josh Young, the father-son duo who have both been tried for Zwicker's death.

Gouker first blamed Young for his stepson's murder, then confessed to killing Zwicker himself and is now trying to see his life sentence overturned by changing his story again.

“I had no ill intent in writing this book,” Ducker said.

But Zwicker's father Terry disagrees. He says “she's jumped on Trey's ban wagon or fan wheel and she's trying to profit on Trey's name.

Ducker did not speak to anyone in Zwicker's family for the book. She says she sent letters but they didn't respond.

“I didn't see it or I would have objected,” Zwicker contends.

“I'm going into four years,” Terry Zwicker says “Trey's been laid to rest it's time to let him go and I'm working on doing that but every time I turn around there's something else in my face that I can't, I can't let Trey go.”

“I'm going for the throat,” says Zwicker, “That's it. I'm going to terminate the book.”

Ducker claims she can't stop the book because it's already gone to the publisher.

She's says she's now receiving death threats online but wants people to look past the title. 

“There are many, many children that are being mistreated and it could be avoided if just one person will speak up and do something and that's what I'm hoping to do with this book,” Ducker said.

Ducker is a not just a lawyer. She is also a former Playboy model and appeared in a reality show. 

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