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Police: Suspect robs pizza delivery man, leaves money behind

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- He may be considered a pizza lover, but Metro Police are calling him a dangerous robbery suspect -- and he's still on the run.

It was a pizza delivery order almost that almost turned deadly for one driver. The driver was robbed at gunpoint with a shotgun.

Metro Police know who the suspect is, they just can't find him. 

In more than 20 years with Domino Pizza, robbery victim Kevin Dietsch has seen a lot. "He started coming up to the house I was at and I thought, well, okay, this is kind of weird," Dietsch explains.  Last week, he saw the front end of shotgun during a delivery.

"'I'm gonna have to take that from you.' I'm sorry? And he said, as he's pulling his shotgun out of his pants, he said, 'I'm gonna have to take that order from you,' " said Dietsch.

Dietsch says he was nervous, but so was the man holding the shotgun. "He started to drop the pizzas because he was having trouble holding the gun and the pizza at the same time so I reached over to stabilize them because I didn't want him to drop the gun and shoot me with it."

The delivery was made to 2820 S. 3rd Street.  But a little leg work led police to a home right across the street.

"It's not smart, but it doesn't surprise me," said Det. James Franklin, with LMPD's 4th Division. "The suspect is Michael Allen Cecil; he's 18 years old; he turned 18 in March."

And guess what police say they found inside Cecil's room?  Det. Franklin said, "Inside the house we found the shotgun, and we found the pizza boxes that were taken from the delivery driver, in Michael Allen Cecil's bedroom."

Police say Cecil got away with more than $50 worth of pizza, but it's what he didn't take that surprises them.

"You bother to rob somebody, but you don't ask for the money? You commit a crime with a punishment of 10 to 20-years and you get $51 worth of pizza? That's a dumb crime," says Det. Franklin.

Police may consider Cecil a "dumb criminal", but Kevin Dietsch will still feel better when he's off the streets. "It is some relief, at least knowing that they're looking for him, that they know who he is, and that they're going to catch him," said Dietsch.

Police believe there could be one or two more suspects involved. Anyone with information about Michael Cecil's whereabouts is asked to call the anonymous police tip line at 574-LMPD.

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