LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- After a big win on Saturday, University of Louisville's baseball team is heading to the College World Series, and school officials say it isn't just a win for the sports department.

The energy in Jim Patterson Stadium was electrifying as the cardinals defeated Kennesaw State University 7-4 in the super regional. The team will now advance to the College World Series in Omaha next week.

This is the second year the cardinals have advanced to the series.

"This was twice as special when you can do it here, in front of great fans in a great city," said head coach Dan McDonnell.

The win adds to the University's growing reputation as a sporting mecca.

"When you can go out to a sporting event and know that your team is one of the best no matter what sport, it's always so much fun," said student Aaron Sexton.

The game also attracted people who otherwise wouldn't visit Louisville.

"We had close to 12,000 people on campus, driving around campus, and passing cardinal town. Those rain delays got people out seeing what type of restaurants are around campus and seeing the U of L in the light that we see it in everyday," said University of Louisville Director of Admissions Jenny Sawyer.

According to Sawyer, athletic success continues to benefit the university.

"With baseball it's taking it to almost 12 months of exposure on the major networks and ESPN," she said. "Every time we're on TV an alumni is feeling prouder, a student is feeling prouder, and a prospective student is putting us on their list of schools to visit."

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