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New Albany senior citizen injured after pit bull attacks

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NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB) -- A New Albany senior citizen has been injured after a vicious dog attack.

You can call 78-year old George Underhill a real ‘survivor.’ “There was blood everywhere," he said.

Monday morning, Underhill was moving his car when he was attacked by pit bulls.

“Two dogs come flying down there,” Underhill explained, “and this one grabbed me right here and the other one grabbed me on this one [leg]."

“I was fighting him off of that there and he'd back off, and [by the] time I got up… they'd grab me someplace else."

Underhill believes he made the dogs mad by fighting back. “I busted him in the nose...of course that made it worse," Underhill said.

It happened in an alleyway near Charlestown Road and Vincennes Street in New Albany. Underhill says he thought the dogs were trying to kill him.

The dogs attacked every limb on his body, but he believes he survived because he fought back and a neighbor got involved.

“He helped me out with a broom...and he finally got 'em,” Underhill says, “they were going to try to knock down his gate and come on in."

Police and animal control officers arrived a short time later and the dogs were still aggressive.

New Albany Animal Control officer David Hall recounted the encounter, saying “they went towards the animal, the animal aggressively came towards the animal control officer and the police officer, and one of 'em circled around behind."

That's when police shot and killed the dogs, but the owner is getting the blame.

“I'm very upset at the owner.” Hall said, “when I called the owner this morning, she thought the animals were in the house."

Underhill, on the other hand, said he was glad they killed the dogs. “When I heard that they killed 'em, that made me feel a little better," he said.

Underhill went on to say he would have done the same if he had a gun. “I would have shot another dog just like it too," he said.

Animal control officers are in the process of filing charges against the owner of the pit bulls. Those charges include running at large and having no rabies shots.

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