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Woman says she saw two men running from area of I-265 shooting

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Louisville, Ky (WDRB)--   A man shot while he's driving children on the Gene Snyder Freeway over the weekend still has no answers on who pulled the trigger.

Louisville Police are now searching a very wide area off the Gene Snyder Freeway at Preston Highway.  They're hoping to have a better idea of exactly where the man was shot.

Angela who doesn't want her face shown or her last name used was on the Gene Snyder Freeway Southbound headed towards Preston Highway Saturday night and saw police cars and later the shooting victim's car.  She said, "Wow, we barely missed being there at the same time. I felt very lucky that we weren't there at the time."
But she says she also saw two people that may know something about the case. Angela said, "It was just two males running through the field. They were running pretty fast, as if they were trying to get away from something."
"One was in solid black," she said, "probably in their late 20 's, mid 20's, running pretty fast. Their backs were to us, so we really couldn't get a description of their face. I'm going to say they were white males or really light-complected." She says one of the men was wearing a neon orange shirt and blue jeans.

The shooting happened while a man was driving with two pre-teenage kids in the car. One is a relative of his and the other is a friend. He heard a loud pop and realized he had been shot in the arm and chest area.

The bullet came from his passenger window.

LMPD Spokesman Dwight Mitchell said, "It appears to have been a pistol, still not sure exactly of the caliber at this point. It appears to have come from a pistol."
The victim did not see anyone in the area at the time. He has since been released from the hospital and the two children in the car were not hurt.

Police say it appears to be a random shooting, but investigators are still questioning people in the area to see if they heard or saw anything.

Mitchell said, "We are going to do directed patrols in that area, will do that with our regular patrol officers as well as utilizing our air unit. They'll be doing random checks through that time and also our K-9 unit."
Angela gave her information to the police tip line, but says she hasn't heard back. She says this shooting hits home for her because she lived in the DC area during the sniper shootings in 2002.

She said, "It does bring back that sense of 'Oh, wow' I hope this isn't re-occurring all over again."

Another woman, Shannon, lives right near the freeway.  She said, "a police officer came down and asked us if we heard any gunshots in the area, but we hadn't heard anything down here."

Officers were just yards away from her backyard trying to find any evidence to help their case and figure out where along the freeway the man was even shot.  Shannon says, she's now taking precautions to keep her five children safe.

"My kids like to play outside just like the other ones do," she said, "so right now they're not allowed to go outside without an adult."

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