LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A New Orleans woman's funeral took a play from Weekend at Bernie's.

During her funeral, she was propped up at the table with a cigarette in hand, a glass of beer and there's even disco lights.

Miriam Burbank, age 53, said she loved a cold beer, an occasional scotch and the New Orleans Saints, so the funeral home tried to combine all that in her wake. Her loved ones thought it was the perfect way to honor her.

"When I walked in, I feel like I was in her house and I didn't hurt so much," said Sherline Burbank, her sister. "Because it's more of her, and it's like she's not dead. It's not like a funeral. It's like she's just in the room with us."

Her fingernails are even painted black and gold for the Saints.

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