LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - A new breakfast spot in Louisville is about to open on Frankfort Avenue. While most businesses compete, those in the Crescent Hill neighborhood don't worry so much about that. They say their community is all about shopping local.

Business life officially starts for Jackson Nave and his wife Cortney at 8 a.m. Monday morning. That’s when they’re opening the doors to "Eggs over Frankfort" on Frankfort Avenue.

"Breakfast is simple; it's fun to do,” said Jackson Nave. “I like the mornings, I think we'll provide a good service to folks, so it just seemed like the fun thing to do."

The restaurant will also offer fun unique atmosphere. The coffee mugs, salt and pepper shakers and plates are all different. Anxious patrons are already checking out the menu, which includes specialties like candied bacon pancakes.

"The neighborhood seems to be welcoming everyone in," Nave said.

Kathy Schmitt, who runs the Crescent Hill Trading Company, is excited about the new arrival. She’s also a member of the Frankfort Avenue Business Association (FABA), a group with more than 100 members. Its main goal is not just to attract customers, but to make sure they want to come back.

"They go get their paper at Carmichael’s or their books,” said Schmitt, “and they'll stop in and see what I have, or they'll get their coffee or some gelato. It's just a nice little camaraderie, it's just a neighborhood."

“It just makes the neighborhood more established," said William Donovan, assistant manager at Heine Bros., a business that’s been around for 19 years on Frankfort Avenue.

"The good thing about a lot of our stores,” he said, “is we all sell different things, we're busy at different times of the day, and we don't pull business from each other."

Businesses in the area say it’s all about shopping local and supporting each other in their community.

"It's kind of like an old town feel like you walk up and down the streets and you feel like you're in a small town," said Nave.

That feeling is what drew the Nave's to their new location in Crescent Hill. Their building was formerly occupied by Fat Jimmy's Pizza.

"It just seems like you're in a small town like Mayberry,” said Nave. “And people already know my name from going to the hardware store just down the street and next door, the hair place here I'm talking to the people at Heine Bros. all the time, so it's very welcoming. "

FABA says The Craft House, offering craft beer, is also set to open on Frankfort Avenue this year, along with a vintage clothing store, a hat stop, and a new salon.

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