LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two years ago, JCPS was pressured to create a new anti-bullying policy. A Louisville high school student says the policy isn't working and she has the hospital bills to prove it. It's one of more than 20 other lawsuits filed involving bullying in Jefferson County Public Schools.

Natalie Scott, age 17, says she was in  class at Moore Traditional High School when she asked a group of disruptive students to "keep it down."

“The girl got upset, came over to me bluntly said I will see you after class,” she explained.

Natalie says a minute after the bell rang, she was on the ground

“She took me from my hair, threw me into the lockers, and then ended up picking me back up and slamming me down on the ground…and got on top of me and started pounding away,” the teenager described.

Natalie ended up at Kosair Children's hospital. The alleged attacker was suspended for ten days.

Natalie says the girl continued to threaten her on Facebook and Twitter. Natalie finally transferred to a different school.

“The principal really didn't do anything she said we've really done as much discipline to her as we can,” she said.

“The schools are no safer than they were a year or two ago when they put a no bullying policy in place,” said her mother, Susan Jones.

The family's attorney, Teddy Gordon, insists this was not the first time the attacker had violently beaten up someone at school. He says its' a common thread in all of these cases, students with a record of violence are let back into the classroom and it’s just a matter of time until there's another violent incident.

“It just has to stop one point or another and you know what’s going to happen is more of these cases are going to be filed the injuries are going to be worse,” said Gordon.

Natalie's mother is now suing the school principal, a teacher and the alleged attacker.

“It's kind of sad the victims have to be the ones that pay the price and not the person that is the bully,” she said.

Gordon says for every JCPS bullying case he's filed in court he's turned down at least 4 others and he's contacted by that many parents.

JCPS declined to comment.

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