LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- U of L's giant billboard by I-65 is gone, and the university has peeled its banners off the old Solae silos.

Leaders say it's the most telling sign of how close the school is to tearing down the old 6-acre industrial site. A contract with a demolition company is expected in the coming weeks.

"We're also hoping that the same demolition company will sell all of the salvageable products inside," said Mark Hebert, a spokesman for U of L. "There is some old equipment, some furnishing that we think we can get an awful lot of money for and that will defer the cost of having to tear down the silos."

The U of L Foundation purchased the silos and the entire Solae property for $3.3 million late last year. The school wants drivers to see a clear view of the growing U of L campus.

Eventually, U of L hopes to build on the land.

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