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Clarksville could spend thousands to remove goose droppings

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CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Scooping poop has never been so expensive. In Clarksville, it could come with a price tag of up to $100,000.

The town council is considering plans that will remove the geese from the government center. Officials say they have struggled with a goose problem for years, and tried various mitigation tactics including coyote decoys and pond lights.

Officials say the problem is not the geese, but the geese droppings. In fact, it's nearly impossible to walk around the town hall campus without stepping in it.

"This time of year, typically you could see anywhere from 50-100 geese," said the town's project coordinator Brittany Montgomery. "You try to avoid the feces but it's not always possible."

Maintenance crews can't keep up with the mess.

"We try to keep it clean, but we don't have the staff to come out and wash them every night."

Town council member Bob Popp said he doesn't mind the geese, but the droppings pose a serious health risk for Clarksville employees, and those who frequent the campus' nearly 30 acres.

"We can deal with the mess, but when you have the droppings and you have E-Coli, now you're into a health situation."

Montgomery said to rid the campus of waterfowl, they are looking at putting in tall grass, more rocks, and adding shrubbery. The project would also include improvements to the detention basin.

At the council meeting Monday, council members considered a proposal from Redwing Ecological Services Inc. that included modifications to the campus landscape. A decision on the proposal was tabled, as council members said they wanted to learn more about options and cost.

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