LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It won't be on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, but it will be an attraction worth seeing.

Joe Heron and his wife have invested what he calls 'a ton of money' to turn an old, run-down warehouse in Louisville's Butchertown neighborhood into a modern, high tech brandy distillery.

On Friday, Heron took WDRB News on a tour of Copper and Kings Brandy Distillery. It is the first and only brandy distillery in Kentucky.

He hopes it will be more than a tourist attraction. He hopes it will be a place where local residents can come to enjoy all kinds of events.

"We would really like Louisville to see us as their brandy company, their distillery, a distillery that is for locals and not just for tourists," says Heron.

The distillery even has an art gallery which Heron calls the 21-C of distilleries, a reference to the highly successful 21-C Hotel in downtown Louisville which also has an art gallery.

"Distilling is an art form," says Heron.

On the top floor is the merchandise and modern tasting room with great views of the downtown skyline, while the bottling operation lies on the first floor. 

Outside, on the ground floor, is a large courtyard with new concrete for public events.

Heron, who is originally from South Africa, has lived in cities all over the world, but has come to love Louisville and says he is here to stay.

After developing other beverage products here in Louisville, he believes bourbon country is a good place to produce brandy.

"Louisville has all of the distilling expertise, it has all of the cooperage expertise, it has a tremendous amount of engineering talent," says Heron.

Heron hopes to have his distillery open to the public in about a month.

He adds, "We hope we've added value to the city and to the community and to the local Butchertown community."

Copper and Kings has become the 20th member of the Kentucky Distillers Association.

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