LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---Harrison County authorities say more victims are coming forward, who say they were scammed by a woman who faked a brain tumor.

27-year-old Teryn Applegate was arrested Friday by the Harrison County Sheriff's Department.

They say she told members of the community and businesses that she had a brain tumor and was dying.

Authorities say she claimed she had 6 months to live, and needed help with medical expenses and final burial expenses.

Police say, however, this was all a scam.

“She's a mother of three and a person who is in a family. The entire family that she has, she's cooperated with us and told us that she had them believe as well that she would be dying from this brain tumor, along with her 3 young children,” said Detective Lieutenant Nick Smith on Friday evening.

Applegate is charged with two counts of theft.

More charges are expected.

Authorities are asking people to come forward if they have fallen victim.

Applegate is behind bars in the Harrison County Jail.

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