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POV | Guest Editorial - Tom Powers on Bowe Bergdahl (6/23/14)

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By Tom Powers
WDRB Guest Commentator

We honor our military personnel because we know that when they raise their right hand and are sworn in, that they are writing our country a blank check. That blank check is good for anything, up to and including their life. It is an honorable thing.

Once in, the most dishonorable thing that a military person can do is to become a deserter or a traitor. Despite the administration’s best efforts to muzzle the soldiers he served with and cover it all up, there is no doubt that Bowe Bergdahl was a deserter, and little doubt that he is a traitor.

Susan Rice tried to make it all good by saying that he had an honorable military record. That may be. But then, so did Benedict Arnold -- at least until the time he betrayed his country and went over to the dark side (the British, that is). And I can find no record that we ever suggested trading five British generals to get him back. If we wanted him back at all, it would have been for the purpose of hanging him. That was what was traditionally done to deserters and traitors. In later years they were shot.

I am not suggesting that Bergdahl be hanged or shot. I am just saying that my military mind can’t understand why we would release five high-level terrorists to get back a man who disgraced the uniform.

I’m Tom Powers and that’s my Point of View.
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