LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A new elementary school may soon be built in a growing area of Jefferson Co, and JCPS says it could come at a bargain price for taxpayers.

If the school board approves, what is currently an empty field will become Jefferson County's newest elementary school.

Norton Commons is a hot new development in one of the fast-growing areas of the county.

"I love the neighborhood. It's a great neighborhood. It's just like a small community," said Norton Commons resident Ashley Mittlesteadt

But JCPS says growth is outpacing the available space in the nine elementary schools in this area.

"Our capacity analysis shows that this part of town is growing in population and enrollment. Other schools that have been built along that corridor have filled up fast," said JCPS Board member Debbie Wesslund.

The developer of Norton Commons donated the land to build a school years ago, and JCPS has a 2015 deadline to use it.

"It's a significant savings. Land is expensive, particularly in this area," said Wesslund.

The price tag for construction is estimated at $15 million, which JCPS would pay for with a bond issue.

The building would serve 650 students, and would share resources with an attached YMCA.

People who live around the site say it would be a good investment.

"From what I hear, the surrounding elementary schools are becoming overpopulated, so it would just add to the community even more, so hopefully it will go through," said Mittlesteadt.

"I just think it would be very beneficial; very close to home for the parents that are here that are working parents. Easy drop-off," said Emily Hart.

Of course, students who live in Norton Commons would have no guarantee of attending the new school.

It would be placed in a cluster with other area elementary schools as part of the JCPS assignment plan.

"People in the nearby area would be served by it. People further away from that cluster ofschools wouldd be served by it. It would be an option for parents to apply to," said Wesslund.

The new school would likely open in the fall of 2016.

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