LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Jefferson County Public Schools has reassigned Louisville Male High School Principal David Mike to a central office job pending the outcome of a new investigation by the school system into the ACT testing issues that have been plaguing the school for months.

Mike's reassignment follows a June 19 letter from the ACT organization saying Mike is no longer allowed to "access, administer, or oversee" the giving of ACT-branded tests at the school.

Without going into detail, ACT said its decision was based the results of interviews with Male students and staff members following "reports concerning certain testing practices." ACT received those reports in April, it says in the letter. 

As WDRB reported May 18, several Male seniors said in written statements and interviews that they were helped or witnessed their peers being helped on the ACT Compass, which is not the traditional ACT college admission test but a separate assessment that can help boost schools' percentages of "college ready" students for state accountability purposes.

The Kentucky Department of Education has been conducting a separate investigation into testing issues at Male, with JCPS' assistance. The state investigation is expected to wrap up soon.

JCPS spokesman Ben Jackey said the district's investigation will begin once JCPS receives the Kentucky Department of Education's findings.

For "due process" reasons, the district must conduct its own inquiry, even if it means re-interviewing the people the state talked to, to confirm their statements, Jackey said.

The district has not yet received the Kentucky Department of Education investigation and JCPS officials do not know what it will say, Jackey said.

On Monday, KDE spokeswoman Nancy Rodriguez said the state report was still pending.

Also pending is a separate inquiry JCPS began last month into Mike's "professional behavior" following what Jackey said were "multiple complaints" the district had received.

Mike has declined to comment throughout the Compass test investigations. He did not immediately respond to an email Monday evening.

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