LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Thousands of children across Kentuckiana need healthy meals, but for some children, the lack of school in summer months leaves a void in their lives. 

The Lord's kitchen is one of several programs feeding both children and adults this summer. The goal is to make sure children in areas like Park Hill get at least one healthy meal a day.

And when it is lunch time in Park Hill, there are usually a lot of mouths to feed. It is one of several daily stops for the Lord's Kitchen Food Truck. It is also perhaps one of the only healthy meals some of these children will eat for the day

"Oh my gosh, my 3-year old almost eats just as much as my 10-year old," says Lindsay Gaw, who is the mother of two boys.

Gaw says the daily lunch stops help in more ways than one because she has growing boys and a fixed income.

"And I know I don't have to worry about, you know, ah, paying this bill - not being able to pay it, you know, to substitute for that chunk of food for the month."

The mission of the Lord's Kitchen is feeding the needy 365 days a year, but the summer months are crucial because school is out.

"We focus on the areas where our school systems have children who are eligible for free and reduced lunches," said Melody Meade, Lord's Kitchen Administrative Assistant.

There's plenty of food to go around, but there are no "to go" orders.

"We want to make sure that the kids are getting the meals because that's our focus. If we take off sometimes maybe an older child or an adult will take the meal from them, so we want to make sure that they eat here," said Meade.

Meade is also somewhat of a mother hen in the field. And some of the stories she has will break your heart.  Especially this one about a young girl trying to take food home for the weekend.

"And she had three bags of food with her. And I was like, 'honey, how'd you get three bags of food?' and she said 'they gave 'em to me' and I said 'well, are you going to eat them here' and she said, 'no, I am going to keep them for tomorrow' and that was on Friday," said Meade.

Meade says that's why these meals are so important and why some rules are made to be broken.

"They're holding on to those meals because they know that if they don't, it's kind of a self survival thing, if they don't...they may not get anything to eat over the weekend."

The Lord's kitchen food truck will be on the road thru mid-August when children go back to school.

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