FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's another way to remember a fallen Bardstown police officer a year after he was ambushed and killed.

The governor today signed off on a permanent memorial to Jason Ellis.

By this time next month, signs will mark a stretch of the Bluegrass Parkway in Nelson Co. as the Officer Jason Ellis Memorial Highway.

Members of Ellis' family crowded into Gov. Steve Beshear's office for the ceremonial signing of the bill authorizing the name change.

Among them - Ellis' widow Amy and their sons, and his parents, plus Bardstown Police Chief Rick McCubbin and the bill's sponsor, Rep. David Floyd (R-Bardstown.)

"I'm glad we could find another way to honor Jason and his memory," Beshear told those gathered.

"I think every time that we pass by it, it will recall for us the sacrifice that he made," said Floyd in an interview after the ceremony.

The signing comes more than a year after Ellis' murder.

The case remains unsolved despite more than $200,000 in reward money.

"We want a reminder. We want it out there. We want the person or persons who did this to understand that you got away with it so far, but we remember it and we're going to continue," said McCubbin.

The Jason Ellis Highway stretches nearly 13 miles, ending at Exit 34, the ramp where he was ambushed and killed, and where a makeshift memorial still stands.

"It's so easy for us to forget that someone stood out in front of us and shielded us and took the bullet for us. That's what it will be for me, and I'm hoping that's what it will be for everybody who passes through," said Floyd.

McCubbin hopes the highway signs will not only honor Ellis' memory, but perhaps haunt those who had any part in the murder.

"I hope they drive by it everyday. and it haunts them. I hope people that know something, perhaps know who did it, know why they did it, I hope it haunts them. I hope it sets, quite honestly, to a state of paranoia, that these officers, this community, is not giving up," said McCubbin.

Floyd says the signs will be officially unveiled in a ceremony next month in Nelson Co.

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