The story of the young girl allegedly turned away from a Mississippi KFC restaurant because her disfigured face was frightening other customers has been puzzling from the start.

First, such a basic attack on human decency by anyone would be virtually unbelievable. But by a respected and successful company like KFC? Something should have smelled bad from the start.

But now, of course, things make more sense. Because this outrage never occurred. It was apparently completely made up by the girl’s grandmother who spread the lie on the Internet, hoping it would generate sympathy and – more importantly – donations.

KFC, to its credit, took the allegation seriously from the start, promised to get to the bottom of the situation and pledged $30,000 to assist with the girl’s medical bills. But now, we’ve learned the girl and her grandmother were nowhere near the restaurant in question when the offense allegedly occurred and the lie has been exposed.

So the story has finally been set straight. But will the true version – which includes KFC generous gesture of announcing it’ll still make good on its $30,000 pledge -- get anywhere near the overwhelming viral publicity the original lie did? We can only hope.

No company deserves the kind of scorn that’s been heaped upon KFC because of this scam. And I hope we’ll all remember this before swallowing the next big Internet smear without any skepticism.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.