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Craft distiller making moonshine in Hardin County

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HARDIN COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- Moonshine, the legal kind, is now being produced in Hardin County.

Boundary Oak Distillery is a pot stilled craft-distiller making their 101 proof moonshine recipe at a Hardin County farm owned by the Goodin family.

"There is a revolution in craft distilling in Kentucky and in America," says Brent Goodin.

He and his family are now part of that revolution.

Less than an hours drive from Louisville, Goodin has converted his family's old concrete plant into a working distillery.

It's the first hard alcohol to be produced in Hardin County for more than a hundred years, at least legally produced.

Goodin says, "We use 100% sugar cane in our moonshine."

He says that results in what he calls the best southern drink you can make.

"I think we have the ability to make a quality product," he says, "not only in our moonshine which we believe is probably one of the best southern mixers you can get but we will soon be making bourbon that will be for sale in about four years."

A natural limestone spring is on the family property. Limestone water is a key to making good bourbon.

"It's a natural spring," Goodin explains. "It, of course, has been here since the beginning of time. We collect the water here and pump it up to the still and this is what we use to make all of our liquor."

Goodin hopes to eventually produce a thousand barrels a year. That's about what a corporate owned big distillery produces in a day.

"We believe there is a niche for us in the small boutique bourbons," he adds. "We make things a little smaller more like homemade."

You can find his moonshine in some of the bigger liquor outlets around Louisville.

He will call his bourbon product Samuel Goodin named after one of his forefathers.

The Goodin family originally settled in the knobs region of central Kentucky more than 200 years ago, when Samuel Goodin landed a party of settlers at the Falls of the Ohio River in Louisville in 1779.

Samuel Goodin was the pioneer who built Goodin's Fort in Elizabethtown, not far from the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln.

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