LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police say the woman wanted for stealing credit cards in the Louisville area is in custody.

We're told 27-year-old Brandy Lyvers has been arrested in Jacksonville, Florida.

Lyvers is accused of breaking into cars and stealing credit cards out of purses. The say she then used the credit cards to buy gift cards at convenience stores.

"They're smart. They know what they're doing," LMPD Detective Chris Horn said on Tuesday. Police also don't think she was working alone.

"We think she's working with a male accomplice who's actually breaking into the cars and then handing the credit cards over to her," he said.

Lyvers was captured on surveillance video using the cards at Walgreens and other stores around the city.

Investigators think the two people are responsible for at least 50 cases and have spent thousands of dollars of stolen money.

Police say they were targeting purses left in locked cars and smashing the windows to steal them.

"It was a lot of the parks along the River Road corridor and then a lot of public lots like churches," Horn said.

Police say the suspects were mainly using the credit cards to buy gift cards, and urged women to take purses with them or lock them in the trunk.

"Definitely do not leave any valuables inside your vehicle. Always secure them in a trunk and make sure that if someone does break into your vehicle, that they can't access your trunk," he added.

Horn said police had been after Lyvers for three months -- and urged area stores to start asking for identification when customers use credit cards in the future.

"It would be nice if we could get these stores to ask people for I.D.'s when they use credit cards but we wouldn't be sitting here if that happened. I mean it's a shame, it really is. That would solve it. That would put an end to it," he told WDRB.

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