LANESVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- A southern Indiana church is in shock after racial slurs were found on its billboard.

"We're all God's children, and you should never be called that name whatsoever," said Bernice Schickel who attends Mount Zion United Methodist Church.

"I said you know what, I wonder if we're going to have a church, it could be burned down."

Schickel is talking about the church sign that's filled with hate. One side read: "Love Satan Our ruler," and the other side read, "Call Satan A [N-Word]. The word,"anarchy" was also spelled out on the ground.

"Somebody's trying to cause trouble it looks like,” said chairman of the board Robert Graddy, who's also responsible for putting up new positive messages.

"The one I had on there was 'give Satan an inch, and he'll be your ruler."

The shocking words are now gone.

"It's just a sad situation," said Pastor Frank Pendelton who apologized to anyone who saw it, especially kids.

"This is definitely not Mount Zion church, or the United Methodist Church in any way, shape, form or fashion."

Pendelton says their church has been broken into before and burglarized, but nothing this evil.

"Whoever done this the only thing that we're doing right here, is giving them what they desire," he said.

The church, with only 35 members, cannot afford a new sign. So for now, they’re chaining it up. No new messages except to the people responsible.

"God loves you and so do we," said Pendelton.

The Floyd County Sheriff's Office is now investigating.

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