LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---A fundraising effort is underway to build a memorial to honor our Kentucky State Police troopers, including those that have died in the line of duty.

It starts with a hike through the Grand Canyon.

Work is underway on KSP's new training academy in Frankfort.

It's there that authorities hope to unveil a new memorial that they are currently fundraising for.

“And it's gonna sit in the common ground in the courtyard of our new academy complex. It's going to be a very special place,” said KSP Commissioner Rodney Brewer.

There's currently a memorial located in front of KSP Headquarters. The names of some of the fallen troopers can be seen across the front.

However, Commissioner Brewer, says they want to do much more to honor them.

“But we've never really had a place opermanencece that we could call our own,” said Commissioner Brewer.

Soon, he and Lieutenant Colonel Jack Miniard will use their own vacation days and money and hike the Grand Canyon to help with the fundraising effort.

It's called The Trooper Project and it will help raise money for a 7 1/2 foot bronze statue.

For 25 miles they'll hike to raise awareness.

“And we couldn't think of any higher or calling than to honor those who have given their lives in the line of duty,” said Commissioner Brewer.

During the hike, Commissioner Brewer says a card will be placed in his backpack. It contains the names and faces of the 27 KSP troopers who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

Through the hike, they hope to not only raise awareness, but also $100,000 dollars to make the memorial a reality.

Commissioner Brewer says they've been training for 6 months to prepare.

“When you strap on about 26 or 28 pounds on a backpack, it humbles you real quick,” said Commissioner Brewer.

It’s a journey that has become more than just a dream.

It's a way Brewer says they will pay tribute to past and present troopers, including the ones who made tremendous sacrifices to protect the state.

If fundraising is a success, they hope to unveil the memorial next May for police officer memorial week.

“And we plan on having all the families up, of all the fallen troopers that are still alive and with us, and share in that moment, and it should be a very special time,” said Commissioner Brewer.

The hike will take place on August 22nd.

To see how you can donate to help with this memorial, click here.

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