LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---When you think of the 4th of July, many people think of tradition.

Every year, on the front steps of Metro Hall in downtown Louisville, there's the tradition from the Louisville-Jefferson County democratic party.

They have an annual reading of the Declaration of Independence, where dozens of people listened in.

“I think when you actually hear the words of the Declaration of Independence spoken out loud, you understand the enormity of what our founding fathers did in 1776,” said Congressman John Yarmuth.

In Pekin, Indiana, the 4th includes a tradition that's 184 years old.

The 4th of July celebration includes a parade and festivities.

Residents say it's the longest running consecutive 4th of July celebration in the US.

“It's very important. Look it brings out everybody at early hours,” said Pekin resident Mellany Wheeler.

“It's remarkable. I think it shows support in our country and everybody's pride in America,” said Salem resident Amy Weaver.

In Louisville, the Crescent Hill Old Fashioned 4th of July always brings in a large crowd.

They run it primarily as a fundraiser.

“To help different areas in the community like the schools and some of the non-profits, even the park area, needing some extra help in getting some things accomplished that we can't get any other way,” said Kathy Creech, one of the event organizers.

With the Waterfront Independence Festivcanceledled this year due to budget cuts, organizers with the Crescent Hill celebration were hoping for an even bigger crowd to celebrate the 4th.

“We absolutely hope we attract those folks. We are ready for them. We hope they come,” said Creech.

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