LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Their business is known for being very competitive, especially out on the streets.

But on Sunday, tow truck drivers around Louisville put their differences aside to support a colleague killed on a call.

"It can be any of us. You know we're all out there performing the same job," said tow truck operator Charles Mullins.

Mullins organized a memorial procession on Sunday to honor Jewan Turner, 35, who was hit and killed by an alleged drunk driver on Thursday while working alongside Beulah Church Road.

"You know it hasn't happened very often in Louisville that a tow driver gets hit and struck on the side of the interstate," said Mullins, who asked dozens of drivers to put their differences aside in the name of awareness.

“If you see a tow truck driver, police, ambulance, anybody on the side of the road, whether it be interstate, regular main road, move over and slow down. Give them some room and let them do their job. Let them help the community, the pedestrian on the side of the road, to make it to a safe place."

"People just need to pay attention," said tow truck operator Gerald Motley. “People don't think that we are emergency vehicles. But when we're sitting on the side of the road, we're just like a fireman or just like a police officer."

Even though they’re rivals, they’re all in the same fight.

"We're not safe out there," Mullins said. “We always kiss our families before we leave and let them know, you know, that we love them."

Paula Oppel, 53, is accused of hitting Turner while she was drunk. She’s charged with murder, DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.

We’re told Oppel will likely bond out of jail on Monday.

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