LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Jefferson County Public Schools has asked Ballard High School Principal Jim Jury to offer temporary assistance at Louisville Male High School while Male Principal David Mike remains sidelined because of investigations into cheating allegations and his professional behavior.

"This is an effort to step in and help -- where I can -- with a situation at another high school," Jury said in a recent email to Ballard staff. He said it should be "a short term situation."

Jury said the district has asked him "to make sure things are in place for the opening of school" at Male. Jury did not immediately return a call on Tuesday.

On Monday, the Kentucky Department of Education released a report detailing violations by Mike and two Male staff members in administering the ACT Compass, a standardized test given to assess seniors' "college readiness" for school accountability purposes.

The names of Mike and the other two staffers will be sent to the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board because of evidence the violations may have been intentional, Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday said in the report's cover letter.

Mike has been reassigned to administrative duties in JCPS' central office.

Below is the full text of Jury's email:


I am writing you to share some information and to make sure the rumor mill doesn't get going rampant or that there isn't any confusion about the status of Ballard, me, or any other school. This is important.

I have been asked by the district to offer assistance at Male High School to make sure things are in place for the opening of school, and I am going to do so. I AM NOT LEAVING BALLARD, and I expect this to be a short term situation. As I have said many times, I hope Ballard is the last stop for my career, and really not any time too soon. My only motive, and intention, is to offer help where I can, and I believe that was the the reason behind the initial call from the district - to get somebody to Male to help.

I am not sure what actually needs to be done at Male and where they are in terms of schedules, teacher assignments, TPGES, Budgets, etc., but I can assure you that Ballard is just about ready to go. We have our schedules in place; we are developing PD plans for teachers, orientation is taking shape, staffing is done, and the building is going to be ready. One thing I have learned to do over the years is to delegate - especially now that my hair is changing colors to a much more gray look.

Things may change very quickly, but until then I will be back and forth between the schools and working longer hours. My e-mail has not changed and I am always checking.

This is an effort to step in and help - where I can - with a situation at another high school. I am the first to tell you I do not know everything (as some of you will agree to) so I will be depending on the staff at Male to make sure what needs to be done will get done - just like I depend on staff here. I want to make sure you know the facts, and do not get caught in rumors about me leaving to take another job or anything like that. That is not it at all.

Just like here, there are wonderful people at Male (Some are Ballard parents.) and I am sure they will see that school is ready to open.

Dr. J.

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