LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The lawyer for one of Louisville's most infamous murder suspects is trying again to get his case thrown out of court.

Dejuan Hammond's attorney filed a motion Tuesday asking for his case to be dismissed, citing “repeated and continuing misconduct” by prosecutors.

In the motion, attorneys claim there is still undisclosed information missing from the prosecutor's discovery. They say certain pages of the documents are marked as '1 of 2' and that additional pages are not included. 

Attorneys want "any and all police and prosecution files" turned over so they can find out what has still not been disclosed.  

It was also revealed last week that - for a second time - evidence was not turned over to the defense.

In June, Judge Angela McCormick Bisig declined to dismiss the high-profile murder case despite "wrongful" actions by prosecutors in withholding evidence from the defense. Bisig said the prosecution's failure to turn over a summary of an interview with Hammond's former girlfriend was the result of a "mistake, sloppy review, and inadvertence, rather than a calculated attempt to force a mistrial."

Hammond has been indicted for the murder of Sheckles, who was shot to death in broad daylight in Shelby Park in 2009, allegedly to prevent her from testifying against Dejuan Hammond's brother, Lloyd Hammond.

The motion is scheduled to be brought before a judge on Friday.

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