LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police are investigating, after the body of a man who disappeared over the weekend is found in Louisville's southside rock quarry.

WDRB spoke with the victim's family and the owner of the property who disagree about what exactly led up to 26-year-old David Morris Junior's death.

Morris' family says the quarry isn't safe but the owner of the property says Morris was trespassing when he went missing.

"He was my grandson, my first born and I'm devastated but I think something should be done about this operation for other parents," said Gloria Rudy.

Gloria Rudy says her grandson David Morris Jr. was at the southside rock quarry Saturday when he went missing.

She says he was with friends when he disappeared.

"So they went down to look for him without finding him," said Rudy.

LMPD's dive team searched and recovered the body Tuesday afternoon.

They're calling it a death investigation but Rudy is convinced foul play was involved.

"I know that someone had to push him in because he had his shoes on when some people down in the water saw him," said Rudy.

Rudy says Morris was afraid of the water and would have never gotten in voluntarily.

She's convinced the quarry isn't safe.

"These young people jump off this quarry . You should have somebody up there with life jackets," she told WDRB.

A man named Jason Stanford owns the quarry.

He told WDRB his quarry is not open to the public.

Those who visit are asked to sign a waiver that lists the rules of the property, according to Stanford.

Stanford says while his thoughts and prayers are with the family during this tragedy, he says David Morris Jr. snuck into the quarry on Saturday meaning he wouldn't have signed a waiver.

He also says there's a uniformed officer present at all times and they weren't notified of a missing person.

He says no one is allowed in the water without a flotation device.

Morris' identity is confirmed from family members.

We've yet to receive official confirmation from the coroner.

The investigation into his death is ongoing.

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