LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Residents near Lanesville, Indiana are fighting plans for what is being called a tactical training facility. Some property owners want to allow law enforcement and other security agencies to use their land to train but residents say they're concerned about safety.

The property is about four miles southeast of Lanesville, Indiana, and according to the proposal, it's currently used as a retreat for friends to shoot guns and ride all-terrain-vehicles.

But the owners are proposing to use the property as an outdoor tactical training facility, which is an area local law enforcement would use to hone their shooting skills.

"The unknown is what scares us,” neighbor Larry Lowe says.

Larry and his wife, Sharon Lowe, live next to the property. They're against the idea for several reasons.

“Safety is my number one concern," Lowe asserted.

His wife Sharon adds "It's been very peaceful the past few years. We just didn't dream we'd have to go up against something like this and have it in our back yard, our side yard."

Their neighbors Charles Moon and his wife Connie feel the same way.

"It's not the point of the gun range being there,” Charles Moon said. “It's the point of where they're building it at."

The Moons and Lowes, along with other neighbors, say they aren't against guns. They just don't want that type of outdoor training facility so close to their homes.

"I think that's the question everyone is asking right now. Why would they be doing this?" Charles Moon asked.

They say it's a rural area that's home to many families. "Kids are kids, and if one of them gets off the beaten path, they're going to be right in the line of fire with this stuff," Moon said.

They say the constant noise and anticipation of a stray bullet will ruin their lifestyle.

"If they're wanting to actually train the people for security level things,” Moon said. “There's other places they can do that."

We were unable to get in touch with the owners of the property. However, there is a public hearing on this topic on Monday in New Albany.

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